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Displaying at the Fall 2007 Canton Trade
05 | 10 | 2007
The representative of the Guangzhou Trade Fair Center (China), Tan Shi, said that for the first time the Chinese government will allow foreign businesses - including those from Vietnam - to display products at the Canton Fair that will be held in Guangzhou next Fall.
The Canton Fair will be a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to enter the Chinese market.

The biggest import/export fair in the world, the Canton Trade Fair takes place twice a year and gathered some 12,000 Chinese businesses that display about 150,000 different kinds of products.

The first Canton Fair of the year ran from April 15-30, 2007. At this fair there were only Chinese export goods but Chinese companies also advertised for products that they wish to import, such as mechanical equipment, machinery, electronics, electric appliances, high technology, metal tools, construction materials, kitchenware, consumer goods, furniture, gifts, jewelry, farm produce, processed foodstuff, minerals and more.

Tan Shi said that Vietnam produces things that China might buy, like farm produce, minerals and processed foods, and that by attending the 2007 Canton Fair, Vietnamese businesses can learn what Chinese companies wish to import and meet these needs, thereby increasing sales to China.

Experts say that thanks to this decision by the Chinese government to allow Vietnamese businesses to show products in the Canton Fair, Vietnam-Chinese trade is sure to expand. At the two Canton Trade Fairs in 2006, 3,883 Vietnamese businesses signed contracts under which they would buy or sell US$268 million worth of products to or from Chinese companies.

At the Vietnam-China Business Forum hosted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), it was discovered that many Vietnamese businesses want to show their products at the second 2007 Canton Fair.

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