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Weekly news of VN rice 17/09- 23/09/07
25 | 09 | 2007
Weekly News of Rice Market is the source which frequently provides short run forecasting information & long run analyses for rice market. From March of 2007, Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development regularly publishes "Weekly News of Vietnam Rice Market" (VietRice weekly).

Up to mid-month of September, the whole province of Vinh Long have harvested over 56,500 hectares of summer-autumn rice, reached 87,8% planted area. Estimated production reached 315,305 tons, the average yield was 4.9 tons/ha, a 0.5 ton/ha increase compared to the last summer-autumn crop. This crop, the average interest of the farmers is over 7 million dong/ha. In Bac Lieu, the farmers finished the harvest with over 53,000 hectares of summer-autumn rice, the yield was only 0,41 tons/ha, a 0.055 ton/ha decrease compared with 2006 summer-autumn crop because of the spread of pestilent insect. However, thanks to favorable weather, the consecutive sun during two first weeks of September, rice was dried quickly, decreased the loss, the quality of rice was ensured and the rice prices were higher than those of August were. This year, Bac Lieu will re-seed 70% area of summer-autumn crop on the harvested summer-autumn field in order to keep the stable level of 2007 rice production from 550,000 to 600,000 tons as proposed plan.

Up to 12 September, Quang Ninh province seeded about 28,000 hectares of winter rice crop, of this early winter rice 2,700 hectares, medium winter rice 17,300 hectares, late winter rice 8,000 hectares. This winter crop, the farmers of the whole country focus on seeding high quality rice varieties such as: mixed rice of 2 line, 3 line…However, it is forecast the pestilent insect will develop strongly in the next time, this fact menaces to cause serious impact on yield and production of winter rice.

Up to now, Can Tho city has seeded over 32,444 hectares of 3 crop, reached over 76% area of the whole crop. This is the first year, Can Tho produces the 3 crop on safe process, including rice variety conditions, the cultivation process to avoid brown backed rice plant hopper, limits in maximum the diseases, ensures stable harvested yield and production...

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