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Preliminary tax rates on tra and basa announced
26 | 09 | 2007
The US Department of Commerce DOC has announced the new preliminary tax rates on Vietnam’s tra and basa to be applied for the period from August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2007. The final decision will come in four months.

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers VASEP, quoting Intrafish.com, said that the DOC had finished the third administrative review of Vietnam’s tra and basa products. Under the preliminary decision, made by DOC after the review, the 14.59% tax rate will be applied for fillet tra and basa products (Latin names are Pangasius bocourti and Pangasius hypophthalmus) to be exported by QVD to the US.

DOC decided that East Sea Seafoods Joint Venture Co Ltd did not dump tra and basa on the US, and thus will bear the tax rate of 0%.

Meanwhile, Can Tho-based CATACO will have to bear the anti-dumping tax rate of 80.88% as the company was considered “uncooperative” with DOC’s investigation.

The common tax rate on Vietnamese companies is 63.88%.

Moreover, Lian Heng Investment Co Ltd and Lian Heng Trading Co Ltd, which export Vietnam-sourced filet tra to the US, were also subjects of the administrative review. The tax rate of 63.88% has been imposed on the two companies. The period for the review of the companies was from October 22, 2004 to July 31, 2006.

DOC has also given a preliminary decision on halting the taxation of nine companies which did not export to the US in the review period: FAQUIMEX; Thuan Hung Co., Ltd; Hung Vuong Co., Ltd; United Seafood Packers Co., Ltd; NAVICO; Van Duc Foods Export Joint Stock Co; Phu Thuan Company; Vietnam Fish-One; DOCIFISH.

The US Association of Catfish Farmers and Processors in August 2006 sent a proposal to the DOC, asking for the review of 52 foreign Pangasius producers, including four Vietnamese companies.

Prior to that, the USITC (US International Trade Commission) announced the final decision on the anti-dumping tax rates on shrimp imported from Thailand, China, India, Brazil, Ecuador and Vietnam after an administrative review. The tax rate has been cut to 0% for several Chinese and Vietnamese companies while it has been raised in other cases.

The tax rates of 0.44%-12.81% have been announced for Chinese shrimp, 2.58-57.64% for Thai, 0-25.76% for Vietnamese, 4.62-67.8% for Brazilian, and 0-3.69% for Ecuadorian. The adjusted rates will not be applied for the companies which have reached specific agreements with the Southern Shrimp Alliance SSA.

Source: VietnamNet
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