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Vietnamese Coffee Pricing Up Sharply
15 | 06 | 2007
Scarce supply of Robusta coffee beans in Vietnam has already sent its export price to US$1,790 per ton within one week only, according to the Trade Information Center under the Ministry of Trade.
The export price of Vietnamese coffee is expected to set new record high at US$1,800 per ton, representing an increase of about US$150 against the previous month.
The purchasing price of coffee in the local market has also risen suddenly from VND26,500 to VND28,300 per kilo, up VND2,000 per kilo from the mid-May.
Although higher prices were reached, coffee supply in Vietnam was nearly exhausted because the 2006-2007 crop harvest is coming to an end.
Many farmers and agents do not want to sell their coffee products in the market as they all expect the price of coffee will further increase.
Statistics released from the ministry showed that Vietnam exported 776,000 tons of coffee beans in the first five months of this year, reaching an export turnover of USUS$1.1 billion.
Vietnam, the world’s second largest coffee producer, is likely to export 900,000 tons of coffee during the 2006-2007 crop year ending next September, fetching USUS$1.5 billion, the highest earning from the commodity so far. The expected earning is USUS$400 million higher than the previous crop. (Vietnam & World Economy

Source: Vietnam Business Forum
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