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Pepper spices up central highlanders’ life
07 | 01 | 2008
Pepper has brought fame to the Chu Se district in the central highlands province of Gia Lai and wealth to many locals.

The district has emerged as the “kingdom” of pepper, turning out one-fifth of the country’s total pepper output.

Presently, the plant is grown on 3,000 ha in Chu Se, which is equivalent to 6 percent of the country’s total pepper acreage, yielding more than 15,000 tonnes a year, or an average 5 tonnes of pepper per ha compared to the world average of 2 tonnes per ha. Some farmers in the district even produced as much as 15 tonnes per ha.

To date, more than 8,000 households, including 2,500 ethnic minority households, are involved in growing this lucrative plant.

On December 28, pepper grown in Chu Se had its registered brand name –Chu Se Pepper – approved, which is the first pepper trademark in Viet Nam.
Source: Vietnam Agency

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