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AGROINFO official issued:"Vietnam rubber industry in 2011 and outlook for 2012"
20 | 06 | 2012
Vietnam rubber industry in 2011 and outlook for 2012 published by Agroinfo is intended to provide comprehensive and up-to-date analyses of dominant factors over the domestic and global rubber industry in 2011 and prospects for Vietnam’s rubber industry in 2012.

The report includes major contents:
• Economic and agricultural situation affecting rubber market in 2011
• The world and domestic rubber supply-demand
• The price volatility
• Outlook for rubber market in 2012

Vietnam rubber industry in 2011 and outlook for 2012 will be a helpful reference for policymakers, international organizations, donors and the business community in drawing up business strategies. All the data presented in the report are obtained from publicized sources of reputable organizations including General Statistics Office, General Department of Vietnam Customs, Cultivation Department – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam

For more information, visit: http://agro.gov.vn/news/coffee_sugar_rice_vegetable_meat_food_fisheries_22772_AGROINFO-official-issued-Vietnam-sugarcane-market-in-2011-and-outlook-for-2012-.htm

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