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Rubber associations discuss business opportunities
10 | 12 | 2007
The Vietnamese and Chinese rubber associations organised a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City on December 8 to seek trade and cooperation opportunities.

The two sides discussed various issues, including rubber materials supply, modern technology in the rubber industry, as well as import policies and possibilities for establishing rubber processing joint ventures.

China imported 1.7 million tonnes of rubber last year, a majority of which came from Viet Nam , President of the Chinese Rubber Association Wang Xiao Fang said, adding that China can supply equipment for factories producing rubber-based products or help build a rubber processing plant in Viet Nam .

Tran Thi Thuy Hoa, General Secretary of the Viet Nam Rubber Association, said Viet Nam has set a target of developing rubber cultivation on 1 million ha with an output of 1 million tonnes of latex by 2015 and 1.5 million tonnes of latex five years later.

Currently, Viet Nam is the world’s fourth largest rubber exporter, following Thailand , Indonesia and Malaysia

Source: www.vnanet.vn
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