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The role and development trend of enterprises association
08 | 07 | 2007
One of the important commitments when Vietnam’s accession into WTO is that the State will not intervene deeply in the business activities of enterprises. So, the role of the association of enterprises is enhanced. This is manifested by most deputes, settlements in the international trade is due to that the associations implement in support of the Government, for instance, anti- dumping lawsuits on the phile, tra fish and leather footwear-bonnet product.

“Vietnam becomes a WTO membership has changed the role of the enterprises association. The associations will receive more offered from the member how to take advantage of opportunities from WTO because Vietnam small-businesses has not enough capacity to oversee and implement WTO commitments”- Mr. Has Farnhammer said.

New mission of the enterprises association

According to Mr. Luong Van Tu , Deputy Minister of Ministry of Trade, in the integration process , the enterprise community is both the subject which benefits from the legal framework is becoming more transparent , the business environment is more open from tax cut commitments and is entitled access to the market of WTO members, but the biggest challenge enterprises must face is that enterprises will not received support from the State.

Professor. Claudio Dordi - the EU expert of the Mutrap project also indicated that when integrating into WTO, Vietnam enterprises are not enjoyed an array of protectionism from the State, for instance the government or local agencies do not subsidize export. The government has continued to subsidize export taking the form of concessionary investment. The next is to subsidize domestically based on no treatment between domestic and foreign country, among enterprises have the same demand and same activities.

He also sees that export is one of the important aspects in the Vietnam economic development strategy. At present, the goods export into markets in the world, countries are dominated the market share. How will be the benefit of the commodity chain, enterprises in the integration process when facing with the barriers in trade (anti-subsidization, anti-dumping).

Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, the manager of association office under VCCI stated that : the concept of the governing body does not exist, the demand of representation to support for enterprises becomes more indispensable. With that demand, the association must gather, connect enterprises, business people together to do business. The association must link the strength of enterprises and must speed up.. In order to do this, according to Mr. Michel Kostecki - the EU consultancy expert , the association must take action, propose initiatives , create the “perfect scripts” which are appropriate to the context of WTO, at the same time , the association makes members see to be very beneficial when investing in the development of association.

Prof. Michel Kostecki- The EU consultancy expert

In some European countries, the enterprises association does business effectively; creating the confidence of members, therefore, the budget of association is made contribution mainly to the spontaneity of members. In spite of the suggestion of the government, the association still does not receive any financial subsidization from the government, because they do not want to be dominated but completely independent. Thus, the association of these countries is great in finance resources. .When the finance is stable; it attracts more contribute from members.

(Source: The laborer)

It can affirm that the function and the role of association can support actively enterprises in the promotion of goods export into foreign countries, consolidate and extend domestic market, construct market and customer information exchange institution in the membership enterprises, determine the direction for the linkage, joint-venture and cooperation in the product production and consumption on basis of the members, volunteer, protect interests of members in the dumping and anti-dumping lawsuits, reflect really the members outlook on planning and policies on business - production development to the relevant agencies, cooperate between the Vietnam associations of the commodity chain and the international association of the commodity chain with the aim to raise the status and the prestige of commodities in the international community, promote the coordination among ministries, associations in the implementation of the country’s socio-economic development task and these commitments of Vietnam and WTO.

Trang Nhung (www.agro.gov.vn)
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