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The ‘Reputable Exporters’ of 2007
02 | 10 | 2007
The Ministry of Trade and Industry said that it will get together with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other ministries and sectors and choose the best reputable export companies of 2007.
The event is to encourage Vietnamese companies to care about the reputation of their products and services and to give them a ‘moment of fame’. At the same time the event will make foreign businesses aware of these companies and promote trade with Vietnamese enterprises in general.

One criteria is that the companies made money in 2005-2006 and exported at least US$6 million worth of rice in 2006, US$10 million worth of coffee, US$5 million worth of rubber, US$4 million worth of pepper, US$6 million worth of cashews, US$1 million worth of tea, US$10 million worth of seafood, US$15 million worth of textiles and garments, US$20 million worth of footwear, plus others.

The ministries, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, business associations and trade departments of centrally-controlled provinces and cities must submit their list of candidates to the Ministry of Trade and Industry before November 15

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