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Vietnam food market weekly 23.08 - 30.08.2009: Food price at the end of year will be likely to fluctuate
01 | 09 | 2009
Currently, meat importers in HCMC are finding ways to sell frozen meat imported, so that chicken supplies will be more redundant and price will reduce in the region.

After selling massively, HCMC is forecast to lack supplies. Poultry price will rise sharply because over time, poultry price has been low, making some raisers reduce production.

Appropriate authorities now are tightening procedures relating to document as well as quality of product, which will cause imported meat price to rise (imported meat quality is ensured more, store time lasts longer). Thus, in the upcoming time, it is difficult to have cheap imported meat to force domestic products. Imported meat supplies in final months are forecast to reduce sharply, so that domestic food price will change sharply if domestic supplies are not prepared well.

Main movements and trends:

- Pork volume at Binh Dien market reduces 3 tons/day
- Live hog price in Hanoi is up 4%
- Hams price in Hanoi rises 5%
- Silverside price rises on the markets
- Live original chicken in Tra Vinh reduces 10,000 VND/kg
- Industrial chicken price in the South reduces to 18,500 VND/kg
- Meat import value in the first 7 months reduced 32% compared to the same period of 2008

According to "Vietnam food market weekly Report" - AGROINFO, www.agro.gov.vn

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