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Vietnamese Fruit Aims at China’s Market
20 | 08 | 2007
Vietnamese fruit exporters are targeting China, and they have steadily penetrated this large market, according to China’s International Trade Magazine.
The magazine said Vietnam’s fruit exports to China from Dec 2006 to the middle of Jan 2007 doubled from the same period in the previous year, reaching US$18 million with 23 types of fruits, feeding the Chinese people’s high demand in the spring.
Recent statistics show Vietnam’s total fruit export volume increasing to 130 tons a week, from 110 tons several weeks ago, with growing demand for Vietnamese durian, custard-apple, star apple and bamboo sprout.
Vietnam exported US$259 million worth of fruit in 2006, to 40 countries and territories worldwide, up 10 per cent over 2005.
However, China consumed only 10 per cent of Vietnam’s total fruit export, a small figure compared with this huge market, and with Vietnam’s fruit potential.
The country recently boosted fruit production investment, setting up large fruit growing areas for mango in Tien Giang, dragon fruit in Binh Thuan, litchi in Bac Giang, Nam Roi grape fruit in Vinh Long and grapes in Ninh Thuan.
By expanding total fruit area to 1.3 million hectares by 2010, Vietnam expects to harvest 20 million tons of fruit, up from current 6 million tons on 755,000ha.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said Vietnam may earn US$1 billion from fruit exports by 2010.
However, the fruit sector faces numerous challenges like the spread of foreign fruits in the domestic market, and low competitiveness caused by high prices with mediocre taste and looks.
Due to less competitiveness, Vietnam always faces trade deficit with China, US$2.81 billion in 2005 and US$3.8 billion in 2006. Vietnam mainly exports crude oil, coal, rubber, cigarette, seafood, cashew nut, coffee, fruits and vegetables, and starch to China, and imports petroleum products, fertilizer, steel and steel ingot, chemicals, machinery and equipments, and raw materials for many industries.

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