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Viet Nam’s vegetables sees growing market in China
09 | 06 | 2007
China is consuming more vegetable imports from Viet Nam and the Trade Information Centre under the Ministry of Trade has urged farmers to boost production to take full advantage of the trend.
Viet Nam-grown aubergine, pumpkin and varieties of beans and peas have grown into a stable market share in China, said the centre.

The volume of such products exported to China reached between 30-100 tonnes each week and is expected to rise until the end of this month.

However, China has not opened its market for imported agricultural products as much as it promised according to its World Trade Organisation commitments so tariff barriers on these products remain tough.

The center said if the issue is settled between the two countries, Viet Nam’s exports of farm products including vegetables and fruits, to China, especially through northern Mong Cai bordergate, will see multiple fold increases

Vietnam News Agency

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