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Vinacafe raises dividend forecast to 32.5%
16 | 06 | 2007
Bien Hoa Coffee Joint Stock Co (Vinacafe) earned 59.9 billion dong from profit in 2006, increasing 33% and an increase 21.4% in revenue over 2005, according to auditing result.
In addition, Vinacafe increased to 54% in revenue and 126% from profit in the first quarter of this year, pay for budget up to 62% over the same period of last year.

With this high growth rate, the company's the second annual general shareholders meeting held on Jun 6, targeted a dividend at 32.5% from current 12.5%, in which 12.5% by cash and 20% by shares with the rate of every one new share for five old shares.

This is the second consecutive year after equitisation Vinacafe has reached a high a growth rate and regarded as the biggest trade name holding the largest market shares in instant coffee sector of Vietnam.

Last year, Vinacafe received an international prize of applying mental owning system awarded by WIPO, a special organisation of United Nations (UN).

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