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Agricultural irrigation fees to be exempted
31 | 10 | 2007
A project to exempt irrigation fees for agricultural, aquatic and forestry farmers is being opened by the Ministry of Finance for public opinion on the website www.mof.gov.vn. If there is universal consensus on the draft, the exemption will probably be realised on January 1, 2008.

Facts show that farmers have been shouldering a heavy burden of fees, while their lives are very difficult and their incomes are low.

The irrigation fee is one of the highest fees, alongside fees for administrative procedures, infrastructure construction and repairs, farmers have to pay.

The exemption of irrigation fees would lower the costs of agricultural production for farmers, enabling them to invest more in production and improve their lives.

The state budget will make up for the exemption and VND 1000 billion of compensation is an estimated figure, according to the project.

Source: qdnd.vn
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