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Weekly news of VN rice 21/10- 28/10/07
31 | 10 | 2007
Weekly News of Rice Market is the source which frequently provides short run forecasting information & long run analyses for rice market. From March of 2007, Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development regularly publishes "Weekly News of Vietnam Rice Market" (VietRice weekly).

This autumn – winter crop, the provinces in flooded regions in Mekong River Delta has seeded about 200,000 ha. But autumn – winter rice that was not still harvested because of late seeding in provinces: Bac Lieu, Soc Trang, Hau Giang….was likely infested with disease. In Hau Giang, Bac Lieu, Soc Trang and Can Tho city, there were about 5,000 ha of autumn – winter paddy were infested with disease, of this, Bac Lieu have over 2,0000 ha of paddy infested with brown backed rice plant hopper; Can Tho city has 700 ha of paddy infested with rice grassy stunt virus. These diseases will spread on a large scale if being subjective.

Target of 2007-2008 winter-spring crop is to seed 46,700 ha of rice and reach average yield of 5.8 ton/ha, in particularly conversed area of 16,000 ha from 3 –crop production to 2-crop production , the yield must reach 7 ton/ha. In order to reach this target, Binh Dinh agriculture industry will control on paddy variety structure, give the paddy variety having high quality and yield and suitable to local condition into production such as DB-6, DB-5, DB-1, TBR-1… and eliminate some paddy variety infested with disease like Ari-32 and IR 13-2…

In 2007 winter crop, Bac Ninh province has seeded 33 tons of 15 mixed paddy variety in an area of 1,250 ha. After harvesting, 15 mixed paddy variety bring the average yield from 7 to 8 ton/ha, higher than other mixed paddy variety utilized before. 15 mixed paddy variety has many advantage such as good disease resistance capacity, suitable to a lot of low land and can seed on a large scale. At present, provincial agriculture industry and crop plant variety company has established variety subsidy price policy so that the farmers can seed this mixed paddy variety on a large scale.

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