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Weekly news of VN rice 7/10- 14/10/07
17 | 10 | 2007
Weekly News of Rice Market is the source which frequently provides short run forecasting information & long run analyses for rice market. From March of 2007, Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development regularly publishes "Weekly News of Vietnam Rice Market" (VietRice weekly).

Up to the beginning of October 2007, Soc Trang province has seeded about 21,600 hectares of winter paddy, exceeding over 1000 hectares compared to the seeded area plan of this crop. The whole province has also 11,400 hectares of 3-crop paddy, exceeding about 100 hectares compared to the plan. At the same time, Bac Lieu province has seeded over 13,000 million of paddy on land for shrimp, focusing most in Hong Dan and Phuoc Long district. Bac Lieu province is guiding the farmers to finish seeding the remained area in the mid-month of October.

Up to 2 October 2007, Cho Gao district (Tien Giang province) has finished harvesting 2,000 hectares of new sticky rice with yield of 5.7 tons/ha, the highest level compared to the previous crops with selling prices of 4,000 dong/kg. Next time, Cho Gao district campaign the farmers to enlarge the new sticky rice area with 6000 hectares in 2007-2008 winter-spring crop.

During these two mains crops (winter-spring and summer-autumn), An Giang Province has seeded 461,363 hectares of rice, reached 100.3% of plan, increase 1,151 hectares compared to the same period last year. Of this, An Giang farmers has seeded following process of 3 decrease 3 increase and water saving on 81% seeded rice area, encourage participation of 3,314 households. Thank to implement on right process, trunk-rice is solid, resist the disease and bring high yield of 7.1 tons/hectare in winter-spring crop and 5.11 tons/hectare in summer-autumn crop, decrease the cost and increase the profit of over 372.3 billion dong.

Can Tho has just finished harvesting 3 crop rice but following evaluation of City agriculture industry, in this 3 crop rice, the farmers have not the profit. Because the farmers did not worked the soil and clean kindly the field, the seeding is not at the same time and focus on recommendation of agriculture industry. The thousands of hectares of rice infested with brown backed rice plant hopper, rice blast disease and rice grassy stunt virus.

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