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VietFoodstuff Trade and Market (Weekly 22/9 - 30/9)
01 | 10 | 2008
Although amount of pork transported to two wholesales markets in Ho Chi Minh City continued to rise in the third week of September, an increase of 0.27% which is much smaller than an increase of 5.31% in the second week of September. In Hoc Mon market, amount of pork increases 3 tons per day, at 206 tons per day while in Binh Dien market, amount of pork decreases 2 tons per day, at 172 tons per day. Prices of rump-prok in 2 wholesales markets remain unchanged compared to the price of the second week of September. Price of rump-pork of the third week is down 1,000 VND per kg in Hoc Mon Market which is similar to the price in Binh Dien Market.
The price of live hog this week tends to remain unchanged or decline slightly in the markets. In Da Nang, price of live-hog is down 2.08%, 0.29% in Can Tho and 0.68% in Ho Chi Minh City.
After two consecutively decreasing week, the price of rump-pork this week begins to stay stable in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, the price continues to remain unchanged at 65,000 VND per kg, only price of rump-pork continues to be down 750 VND per kg.

Although beef price in Can Tho constantly decreased within 2 weeks, it still increases 1.87% against price of last month. Although the price in Hanoi this week declines 0.65% compared to that last month, it still increases 7.79% compared to the price of the first eight months. In Da Nag and Ho Chi Minh City, beef prices have trend of remaining unchanged this week which is only up 0.35% in Da Nang and 0.65% in Ho Chi Minh City compared to last month.

Source: www.agro.gov.vn

Domestic meat market is still facing difficulties because imported meat is excessive. In fact, import meat is offered at cheap level while domestic meat price still continues to stay at high level because expenditures for raising livestock are not down. This leads to gradual loss of domestic meat products, especially big Cities which has negative impact on raisers’ psychology. If this situation still continues to happen, it will be able to threat meat supplies source in the upcoming time.

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