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Livestock farms a boon, but face new challenges
29 | 07 | 2007
Viet Nam’s livestock sector has grown leaps and bounds over the last six years thanks to shifts from household rearing to industrial farming, but many farmers still need developmental support.

More than 250 southern livestock farmers attended a meeting in Binh Duong Province, yesterday, to discuss further developing effective large-scale farm-based animal husbandry programmes.

Deputy minister of the Agriculture and Rural Development Diep Kinh Tan, said that the country’s animal farming sector registered a very encouraging 8.9 per cent average annual growth rate over the last six years.

"Our success is due to farmers that have shifted from small scale household breeding to large scale farming," said Tan. "Large-scale animal farmers are now applying advanced scientific technology in hybrid development, fodder production and farming."

"The Government’s proper farm development polices have also helped increase the country’s number of livestock farms from 1,761 in 2001, to 17,721 in 2006," said Tan. "This has created more jobs for farmers and has helped reduce poverty in rural areas."

However, Tan also said that the domestic farm-based animal husbandry sector was still in its embryonic stage. "Most of our farms are still too small," he said. "Many of them lack capital and labour and our farmers lack proper skills." Farm owners discussed some of their most urgent problems at the meeting, hoping that the agricultural ministry would help them find solutions and develop their farms.

They said that the amount of land used for the development of farms has reduced significantly due to the rapid urbanisation process and the strong development of industrial zones.

Participants at the meeting also voiced concerns that local administrators did not have long-term farm development plans. The lack of planning has made many farm owners passive when making investment decisions and developing their business.

Delays in land use rights certifications have also prevented farm owners from access to bank loans. Farmers suggested that the agriculture ministry and relevant agencies help them promote their goods and find new outlets while supporting new farming techniques. Vaccine support against prominent diseases was also recommended.

Some said that the Government should focus only on the development of large scale farms since only these farms would be able to supply products that can meet all requirements of market integration. On behalf of the agricultural ministry, Deputy Minister Tan, pledged that all farm owners’ complaints and suggestions would be considered carefully and that the ministry would respond as soon as possible

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