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HCM City farmers beef up pork quality
10 | 07 | 2007
A group of farmers have chosen to work together to improve the way they farm pigs.In order to prevent pig foot-and-mouth disease affecting consumer health, the owners of eight pig farms from Cu Chi District, HCM City, have set up the Tien Phong co-operative.

For a long time, Nguyen Huu Chi , the owner of a pig farm at An Hoa hamlet, An Phu Commune, Cu Chi District, wondered how to prevent pig foot and mouth disease.

He decided to set up the "Pig Breeders’ Association", which includes 50 households who look after 100-200 pigs at Cu Chi.

Through the association, the farmers have a chance to meet scientists and learn about advanced pig farming techniques.

Following uncertainty among Chi and others about how to improve standards, scientists from the Southern Agricultural Science Institute (SASI) proposed to work with the Cu Chi farmers.

The Tien Phong co-operative was then established by Chi and seven other owners from the association.

Aiming to produce improved pork for the market, as the new chairman of the co-operative Chi said:

"The co-operative has a duty to supervise members’ farms in the region and examine the potential for disease. Members must then raise pigs following regulations about animal food and veterinary services."

Through the co-operative, eight households signed a two-year contract with SASI. During implementation, the institute will send scientists to each farm where they will help owners to repair cages, access technology and provide a free constancy service.

Funded by HCM City’s Science and Technology Department, the Institute will provide each member with an allowance of VND30-100 to improve standards.

Waste works

In 1999, Vo Thanh Phong started breeding pigs with an initial number of 20. He then invested in building a biogas tank which can convert pig excrement and generate methane gas.

This project was a success allowing him to buy more pigs and increase the size of the generator.

In 2005, Phong created an electricity generator run by gas from the pig waste. By the middle of 2007, he had built 100 generators with the capacity of 10-30kW of electricity each.

Lots of pig farms from other provinces like Binh Duong, Long An, Dong Nai, Lam Dong, Dak Lak invited Phong to install 10KW generators for the price of VND16 million each.

"To have high-quality pork, it is necessary to have clean cages. And building the biogas tank not only can protect the environment but also benefit farmers," said Phong.

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