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Vietnamese stock market attractive, Korean CEO
18 | 09 | 2007
CEO and President of the Korea Investment and Securities Co., Ltd (KIS) James Sang-Ho Ryu shares his optimistic forecast about the Vietnamese securities market with Nhan Dan online reporter on the sidelines of an opening ceremony of KIS representative office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Q: What are the reasons for your company’s investment in Vietnam?

A: We have selected Vietnam to invest as we see that Vietnam is a new economy with fast development growth and Vietnam have all conditions for the development of the economy in the future: the people are industrious with a high educational level; natural resources are abundant; and the government have pooled efforts in working strategies to boost economic development.

What is more important, the Vietnamese finance market in general and the fledging Vietnamese stock market in particular is also joining the development trend of the economy, promising great opportunities for investors.

Q: What is your assessment of the Vietnamese stock market?

A: The Vietnamese stock market is attractive. According to our staff’s statistics, economic performance by listed companies are quite good with many companies enjoying 50% growth in profits.

The local stock market has currently been in a period of correction and prices of shares have been reduced by an average 23%, thus shares are currently been at reasonable prices, creating more opportunities for investors.

However, the scale of the stock market in Vietnam is still very small. The government’s efforts in speeding up the equitisation of big State-owned companies and encourage these companies to auction shares to the public will surely help boost scale as well as the development of the local stock market.

I also hope that the Vietnamese government will consider issuing more regulations to support foreign investors, such as increasing the room cap for foreign investors in equitised companies.

Q: What is KIS’ investment plan in Vietnam?

A: KIS is the first Korean credit group to launch an investment fund in Vietnam in 2006. The company is currently managing seven funds with a total investment capital of US $1.1 billion. Of this, the five securities funds manage over US $700 million; over US $130 million is for the real estate fund and over US $200 million for the mineral exploitation fund.

The establishment of the company’s representative office in Ho Chi Minh City on September 12 is only the initial step in preparation for the establishment of a securities joint venture in the country which we target to bring it to be the leading securities company in Vietnam with advanced technologies and build it as second headquarter of the company in Vietnam.

Personally, I have considered Vietnam as my second home country, after the Republic of Korea. I firmly believed in the successful development of the Vietnamese economy in general and the local stock market in particular and

I also absolutely believe in the success of the company in Vietnam.

Source: Nhan dan
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