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MARD seeks EU help to upgrade seafood labs
23 | 11 | 2007
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has asked an EU-funded project to help upgrade some seafood labs in Viet Nam to regional status.

The EU project is aimed at helping member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) improve their testing and examining capacity largely through the construction of food laboratories.

Deputy MARD Minister Luong Le Phuong said the proposal is of vital significance to Viet Nam as ASEAN-standard seafood labs will confirm the credibility and accuracy of the national lab results and local management capacity. He said ASEAN labs in Viet Nam will also help avoid repeated testing and examinations, thus reducing costs for exporters.

It will help increase the value and export revenues of Vietnamese seafood overseas, he added. “Seafood hygiene and safety are always given top priority by the Government and the MARD,” Phuong said.

The national lab system of the National Fisheries Quality Assurance Veterinary Directorate (Nafiqaved) has met the ISO/IEC 17025 standards. The country now boasts 30 labs that meet international standards.

As a result, Nafiqaved has been recognised as the national authority on controlling the safety and quality of Vietnamese fish and fish products by 42 countries, including 25 members of the European Union.

Source: agroviet.gov.vn
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