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First US investment fund arrives
19 | 09 | 2007
Last week a delegation of 25 representatives from US firms visited Vietnam to seek out investment opportunities. James Kim, co-founder of the US fund Lexington Langha, said that after the visit, a US investment fund with a cap of US$100 million will be set up in Vietnam
He also revealed some details about the plan in the following interview. Excerpts:

Can you please tell how an US investment fund will be established in Vietnam?

The fund will be set up by the three US firms Lexington Langha, the Vikoa Investment Consultant and Development JVC and Heartland Funds. To prepare for the establishment of the first US fund in Vietnam, we talked with well known US investors as a lot of them have paid close attention to Vietnam's investment environment but were not sure how to move their capital into Vietnam. The US fund will have an initial investment capital from US$50 million to US$100 million, however this will be increased at a later date. The fund will focus on Vietnam's stock market, real estate market and capital market.

As reported, you talked with some other foreign funds that operate in Vietnam. What do you think about their operations?

After meetings with representatives of VinaCapital, Indochina Capital and Mekong Capital, we realised how successful they had been in Vietnam. Therefore, we hope that our forthcoming fund in Vietnam will emulate their successes. In addition, as the first US fund in your country, US investors will now find it easier when looking for investment opportunities in Vietnam.

Can you reveal the establishment time of this fund?

We intend to set up this fund as soon as possible, the year's end at the latest, because we heard that a large number Vietnamese companies will list shares on the stock market at the end of this year or the start of next year and we do not want to miss this potentially great opportunity.

Currently, there are many large projects being carried out in Hanoi, mainly real estate projects in the urban areas north of the Red River, worth over US$40 billion. Are you keen on projects like these?

We are interested in real estate projects by the river and the lake, however we are also looking at potential projects in the industrial zones in Hanoi's suburbs and HCM City.

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