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Ba Ria Rubber Company: A Reputable Exporter
02 | 07 | 2007
2006 was the third consecutive year the Ba Ria Rubber Company won the "Reputable Export Enterprise" Award from the Ministry of Trade, which has proved the company’s success in boosting exports.

In 2006, the price of rubber was high and the demand increased. For these reasons, the company was able to quickly sell products, find new markets and conclude a number of long-term sales contracts. In addition, the company directed workers to look after rubber plantations and effectively exploit them. This resulted in increases in output, revenue and profit. Last year, the company extracted 12,624 tonnes of rubber latex (increasing 5.2 percent from what was projected for the year and averaging 1.81 tonnes per hectare, 35kg/ha more than in 2005). Revenue was VND478 billion, profit VND194 billion and State Budget contribution VND58 billion.

In addition, the company has given attention to planting and replanting rubber trees on 383.36ha using such varieties as RRIV4, RRIV2, PB255 and PB260.  Most rubber plantations are growing well. The Vietnam General Rubber Corporation (GERUCO) has awarded the company a certificate of merit in recognition of its achievements in planting, replanting and taking care of rubber trees.

As business has grown, worker income averaged VND4.8 million per month in 2006, up 31.2 percent against 2005. The company has also observed the regulations on worker treatment regarding social securities, health insurance, work protection and meals in the middle of work shifts. Work competition campaigns have been organized regularly. Apart from increased income and stable jobs, workers' spiritual life has also been improved through cultural, musical and sport activities.

Due to Storm No. 9 which happened this year, the company's rubber growing area has shrunk notably and rubber latex production has also declined to 10,540 tonnes averaging 1.629 tonnes per hectare. Given this, the company is trying to entirely process its rubber latex, while purchasing and processing customers' rubber to honor the concluded contracts. So far this year, the company has signed contracts to export 90 percent of its rubber latex output in 2007. Apart from traditional export markets such as China, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, the US and Germany, the company plans to expand to new markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

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