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Weekly news of VN rice 4/11- 11/11/07
13 | 11 | 2007
Weekly News of Rice Market is the source which frequently provides short run forecasting information & long run analyses for rice market. From March of 2007, Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development regularly publishes "Weekly News of Vietnam Rice Market" (VietRice weekly).

Because of influence of world rice market combined with flood in the Central highland and between-crop period…the rice source decreased strongly, the prices of rice and paddy increased continuously during the past time. Within the week, Vietnam’s rice export prices continued to increase slightly. 5% broken rice and 10% broken rice was priced in turn 322.5 USD/ton and 320.5 USD/ton, an increase of 0.5 USD/ton compared to the previous week while 25% broken rice prices increased 3 USD/ton, reaching 305 USD/ton.

During the week, the domestic rice prices changed slightly, continued to increase in the Mekong River Delta and decrease in the North. In Binh Duong, the ordinary milled rice prices increased 200 dong/kg, reaching 5700 dong/kg, the ordinary paddy prices also increased 250 dong/kg, reaching 4050 dong/kg. In Thai Binh, the prices of ordinary milled rice decreased 200 dong/kg compared to the previous week, reaching 5000 dong/kg.

Ministry of agriculture and rural development informed, for the first days November, the Vietnam’s enterprises exported more 200,000 tons of rice, raise total rice export of the whole country up 4.5 million tons, and finish the rice export target of 2007. Total rice export value estimated 1.5 billion USD. With paddy production of 35.9 million tons, Vietnam can export over 4.5 million tons this year.

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Contact with the author of report following address: Tran Lan Phuong, e-mail: tranlanphuong@agro.gov.vn

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