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May inflation up 0.77%
30 | 07 | 2007
The consumer price index in May rose slightly by 0.77% from the previous month and 4.32% from January while the figures for 2006 were 0.6% and 3.6% correspondingly, according to preliminary figures from the General Statistical Office.
Earlier in the May, CPI was estimated to rise by 0.5% said the GSO.

The GSO said the spike in the CPI was due to the increase in the price of 10 goods that are used to calculate the CPI. The price of food increased by 1.04% month on month and that of others rose by from 0.22% to 0.95%.

This months retail petrol price saw an increase after the government decided to raise it to 11,800 dong a litre. As a result, higher petrol prices this month pushed up transport costs by 0.57% month on month, however postal costs dipped by 0.03%.

The price of equipment and household appliances on the domestic market only increased by 0.64% thanks to tariff cuts on these items.

The GSO reported that the price of gold this month rose by 2.33% and the US dollar also rose by 0.15% from the previous month.

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