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Weekly news of VN rice 01/01- 06/01/08
04 | 01 | 2008
Weekly News of Rice Market is the source which frequently provides short run forecasting information & long run analyses for rice market. From March of 2007, Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development regularly publishes "Weekly News of Vietnam Rice Market" (VietRice weekly).

Although having difficulties of supply source because of influence of calamity and diseases, this year is still the victory year in exporting rice rely on an increase of prices and high demand. Up to now, the domestic enterprises exported 4.5 million tons of rice, reached the export target of 2007 with total turnover of over 1.45 billion USD, continued to be the second exporter of the world, after Thailand. In 2008, Vietnam does not worry about market of rice export as well as low prices, but worry about the lack of supply source.

In order to stabilize the prices of food and have enough rice to export in 2008, right now, the industries and localities must guide to deploy the plan of winter-spring paddy and summer-autumn paddy crop of next year; implement well the weather forecast; ensure the good variety, fertilizer and insecticide… and reinforce to disseminate scientific knowledge to the farmers. At the same time, supervising and controlling the prices increase of necessary products that serve agricultural production. Besides, it must forecast well the market and regulate the supply-demand, ensure rice to export while ensuring food security.

According to Association of Vietnam food, Russia informed that from 1 December 2007, all broken rice consignments of Vietnam to export to Russia must have certificate of SPS (sanitary of product security) that is issued by company of assessment and technology conversion that belong to Institute of Vietnam technology and science. Of this, information on flora protection medicine and gene changing medicine that was used to seed and preserve must be written clearly when importing in Russia.

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