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VietFoodstuff Trade and Market Weekly (dated 2 September)
16 | 09 | 2008
Without a further increase in quantity in the week of 30/8, the amount of pork transported to the two wholesale markets in Ho Chi Minh City in the week of 6/9 had dropped to 358 tons per day, a reduction of 0.63% in Binh Dien and 2.66% in Hooc Mon markets. Unlike the stable price in Binh Dien market (55,000 VND per kg), the price of rump pork meat in Hooc Mon market has constantly been changing over the last few weeks. The price of rump pork meat in the week of 6 September in Hooc Mon increased by 2,000 VND per kg making the price to be 57,000 VND per kg.

This week, except in Can Tho where the price of live-weight pig meat continued to rise (1.4%), in the three remaining markets, the price did not change and slightly reduced. The price of live-weight pig meat in Hanoi this week dropped by 250 VND per kg (or 0.7%), in Ho Chi Minh city by 500 VND per kg while in Da Nang, the price was 37.750 VND per kg.

Unlike with the changes in price of liveweight meat, the price of rump pork meat in the four markets dropped: In Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city, the price reduced by 500kg per kg and in Can Tho by 250 VND per kg.

On beef meat: After 3 weeks with constant rise in prices in four markets, the price of beef continued to increase in Hanoi and Can Tho but dropped in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city.

Source: www.agro.gov.vn

In market of the East of the South, chicken price this week went down considerably; the price of chicken in Phu An Sinh dropped by 6,000 VND per kg and in Huynh Gia Huynh De by 2,000 VND per kg.

Because of its low price, imported meat is becoming a good option for consumers. However, since supermarkets produced its own product labels and lowered prices by 3%-20%, this is in reality threatening the livestock sector of the country.


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